1. What is your jewellery made from?

All pieces are made from .925 Sterling Silver.

2. Are all pieces hand-made?

Yes. All pieces are fabricated using a range of flat sheet, tubing and wire to make the various shapes. Some pieces are hand-made out of wax first, then cast using lost wax casting techniques and finished by hand. In some instances I make a mould of hand-made pieces to have multiple, identical shapes or individual pieces cast that are then hand finished.

3. Will my piece tarnish?

It may. Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure, the other components in the silver are non-precious metals and as they are exposed to air, water and oils they may discolour, especially where there are crevices or grooves in the piece. In my experience, the less you wear a piece the more it will tarnish. With all jewellery, it is best to avoid wearing it to bed, while swimming, cooking or using chemicals.

4. What if the piece breaks or gets damaged?

Any fault in the piece will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible and at no charge. General wear and tear to a piece, such as dints, scratches, dirt are all part of the unique nature of the piece and should not be treated as a fault but appreciated as a time stamp and individual marks of your piece.

5. What are the postage costs involved?

Postage within Australia and New Zealand is free for orders over $300. For all other orders within Australia postage is offered at a flat rate of $8.30 and New Zealand at a flat rate of $11.55  for standard registered post. For additional security, insurance can be added to your order for $25. International orders (outside Australia and New Zealand) can be arranged by contacting Sarah directly to organise the most suitable method of transit.

6. How long will it take until I receive my purchase?

As all pieces are hand-made personally for you, please allow a minimum of two to four weeks to receive your purchase. You can check in on the progress of your piece at any time by contacting Sarah. Every effort will be made to make your piece as early as possible and if there are special circumstances where you may require a piece by a certain date you can discuss this with Sarah prior to placing your order.

7. Are my payment/credit card details secure?

Absolutely. Payments are protected with Comodo Positive 128 bit SSL Certificate encryption, delivering the highest levels of website security and trusted by 99.9% of current Internet users. You will notice as soon as entering checkout that that the website moves into secure mode.